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Maintaining discipline in the online classes

Dear Parent,                                                  

It is said that Discipline is doing what needs to be done, even if you do not want to do it. We agree that the past year was an unusual time in our lives, but we all have managed to surpass it successfully. The children at home continued to study virtually with the support of parents and teachers, who have worked as a team to coordinate and cooperate with each other to hand hold students through the one-of-a-kind virtual year of learning. More so, we have learned to live with it, embrace the new normal and have moved on with learning and working from home.
However, it has been observed that the advantages of being in the comforts of the home and learning has surpassed the class decorum. In the past winter months, children are found to be sitting in the blankets or wrapped in the quilts with unkempt hair. The routine of waking up early, taking bath and getting ready to go to school have taken a backseat and children are seated in front of the computers without being completely awake. This disrupts the discipline from the child’s life and may be converted into his/ her lifestyle. It is up to us- the adults at home to set an example and teach the children to follow the schedule of being active in the morning for the classes. Hence, you are requested to set the routine for the child at home, especially during winters, to sleep on time, wake up on time, sit actively after taking a bath on a study table, wearing woollen clothes- as they used to get ready for school!
Sooner or later, we all will be back to the physical classes in schools for which the active morning routine will be imperative to follow. Therefore, it should be followed throughout to maintain the decorum and discipline of the ongoing classes.
Learning in a school is a formal process of gaining knowledge and developing one’s persona. So, it becomes necessary to follow certain rules and regulations while attending the classes. These rules and guidelines were very well conveyed and circulated to all, since the beginning of the session and it has been repeated throughout the year. The school will need your support to put ingrain these rules within our children.  
We hope that we will be able to instil positive good habits in the children by being on the same page of developing their wholesome personality.

With Regards,
Ms. Anuradha Mathur
SJS Naraina