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Circular dated 16.5.2017



Dear Parent,

May 16, 2017

Apart from teaching English as a subject in regular class room setup and encouraging students to speak in English, following steps are being taken by the school to enhance the skills of spoken English: -

  • English speaking monitors have been appointed to keep a regular check on the children who do not speak in English.
  • Reward charts have been put on display in every classroom to motivate students to speak in English language.
  • Printed English conversation charts are given to Montessori classes for using the same at home.
  • Sentence starters or sight words are put up on display in all classrooms for improving reading & speaking skills.
  • Oral conversations (structured and non-structured) are held in all classes in the morning time for improving listening & speaking skills.
  • Audio visual aids are used throughout the school for enhancing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for enhancing the vocabulary thereby inculcating the interest in teaching-learning English language like Conversation videos, songs and rhymes, lesson modules etc.
  • Active participation of all students throughout the year in morning assemblies (be it weekly or special assembly) also play a pivotal role to encourage speaking confidently in English.
  • English week is observed every year to inculcate the love for the language which has numerous activities like extempore, debates, role plays, competitions, peer tutoring and many other.
  • Special attention is given to students who are shy and introvert to participate in these activities. Hence, they make their presentations at home and their participation is showcased in the classroom via smart class module
  • Remedial classes are being regularly taken by the teachers from 1p.m. to 2p.m. every day to provide extra support to the learners for error correction and better comprehension of the language.
  • Our new endeavor – English classes for EWS parents (on weekly basis) have been started to equip the learners with English speaking skills.

The school is making continuous efforts to motivate the students to use English language. The same is done through the activities mentioned above.

We would also like to request the parents to religiously follow the same pattern at home. Try to involve every family member in our determined attempt of making English language easier and comprehensible to the children in the following ways at home:

· Giving children a language rich environment helps picking up the language faster. Give them exposure to sight words.

· Read short stories to them and gradually let them read themselves.

· Use short sentences of daily routine.

· Let them watch cartoons and age appropriate programmes in English.

Please Note: In our bid to save paper, the Holidays Home Work has been uploaded on the school website. The same will also be available on skoolapp. Kindly download the same.


Ms. Nisha Obheroi