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Circular SJS/04/2018


July 9, 2018


SJS/04/2018 Sub: Plastic Bag Menace

Dear Parent,

"Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose"

We are talking about our home, our very own dying Mother Earth. God gave us enough for our need, but the never-ending greed to acquire more than necessary has led to the crisis which our beautiful and colourful world is facing today. It cannot be ignored anymore, so we need to act fast to stop any further deterioration and plunder.

 We humans invented plastic bags for our very own convenience. Plastic bags have now become responsible for causing serious environmental hazards like global warming, environment pollution and energy consumption. Plastic does not promptly break down in nature. Plastic bag use is now so prolific around the world that the bags have become a major source of litter. Government of India has imposed a fine on the use of plastic bags but how many of us really follow the ban?

Plastics doesn’t degrade naturally and is found lying in the landfills, oceans, rivers for years and years, waiting to be decomposed. Shopkeepers continue to sell their goods in plastic bags unabashedly and we, as consumers, very conveniently carry the purchased goods in those plastic bags. Thus, starting the journey of a plastic bag, moving from one hand to another till it happily sits fluttering in a corner, consuming our Mother Earth.  All of us know about the harm that plastic cause to the environment, but it is high time for us to introspect our own actions. The catch is that there isn’t anyone out there to make us realize how the environmental conditions will be affected!  If we still can’t do anything now, we will certainly lose our prized Earth.

 It is our duty and responsibility to make our Earth a cleaner and safer place to live in for ourselves as well as for our future generations. It is imperative for us to live in harmony with the environment rather than experimenting, neglecting and over-exploiting it.

So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole world. Changing the mind-set is undoubtedly the biggest challenge ahead. Yet, with every small step, we are confident that we can and we will get the desired result.

On this note, we, the future of the country, the ‘Saviours of the Planet’, the ambassadors of Salwan Schools stand united to fight for a healthy environment and healthy living space.

 We urge you to shun the use of plastic bags from your household and switch to worthy cloth bags that has gained attention over a short span of time. We have to make our school and homes ‘Plastic Bag Free Zone.’ Let us recycle and reuse our old bedsheets, curtains, table mats to make sturdy grocery bags. If we stop buying and accepting the plastic bags, the shopkeepers will stop selling them! That is the simple fact.

Therefore, it is up to us how we can make changes in our day to day lives to reduce the heavy burden of plastic and provide a clean and green environment to our coming generation. Here are some of the specific ideas which you can follow in and around your house to overcome this plastic challenge:

· Bring your own shopping bags to the supermarket and do not accept poly-bags.

· Do not accept food supplies in plastic packaging or advise the use of non-plastic packages.

· Refuse plastic cutlery.

· Do not buy plastic bottles, instead carry your own reusable water bottles.

· Stop using plastic cups, straws etc. cutlery items indoors or outdoors.

· Talk to the local authorities around your house to manage city waste and to your children about avoiding use of plastic products.

· Make it a routine to plant a sapling on your birthdays, anniversaries and take care of it throughout.

· Segregate dry/wet waste in dustbins (blue/ green) and advocate its use in and around your locality.

If we start on good green deed everyday then all of us together can initiate a change and make a difference for our dying planet. Remember, “If you can’t reuse it, refuse it.”

 Looking forward to your full co-operation in controlling this plastic monster and handing over a green ecosystem to our green brigade in future.


Ms. Anuradha Mathur