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The festival that holds the spirit of love and unity was observed on 10th July, 2017.At Salwan Junior School, this festival was celebrated with great fervour and excitement. The celebration began with an informative special assembly organised by students of class III-A which explained to the children the meaning, purpose and importance of Eid and its subsequent celebrations.Both the speakers,Hamnah and Kenisha reiterated the importance of celebrating this festival by sharing joys, meeting others, distributing sweets among their loved ones and giving alms to the needy. They very well described the various preparations of SEWAI made on the occasion. After the wonderful introduction to the festival of Eid, the students of class 3 presented a colourful dance program which further elucidated on how Eid is celebrated on a crescent moon night.The message that all festivals are  equally important and that we should all participate in celebrating these, came across simply and yet age-effectively. The values of harmony, respect and friendship too found familiarity amongst the receptive little audience.