Forever Salwanians

The school has churned out thinkers, leaders and scholars in every field who owe their success to the firm foundation laid down by their alma mater.

From the Principal's Desk

We believe there is a profound, multi-layered meaning to an old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”.  There are three pillars to any successful school: students, teachers, and parents. If any of these groups are overlooked, it creates an imbalance in the very foundation of the school.

Providing our children with good education is one of the most important responsibilities we have as educators.   We also prefer to work with dedicated teachers who love their jobs and give our children the care and attention they deserve, no matter how challenging this task might be at times.

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Empowering each learner to realise his/her full potential by building a strong foundation in an enriching environment and grooming responsible global citizens ready to make a difference to society.


Our aim is to groom self-directed, confident learners empowered with skills, knowledge and wisdom through well-rounded education. We aspire to ignite in our students a passion for lifelong learning and the zeal to serve the society.

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SJS Naraina
Years of Legacy

Under the Aegis of Salwan Education Trust that has:

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Why is Salwan Best ?

At Salwan, students are propelled to be socially responsible individuals who have knowledge, skills and the right attitude to affect meaningful change. The intrinsic value system of our institution helps them realise their true potential and become reflective learners.


The School  aims  to create conscious young leaders with principles rooted in our rich culture and heritage.  Students demonstrate the finest tradition of greeting with ‘Pranam’ while continuing to be progressive. Souvenirs, Relics, and  Memoirs in the Heritage Panel instil  a deep sense of appreciation for our nation, its different communities, and rich culture.


In a constantly changing world, Salwanians are better prepared to adapt, achieve, and excel. The School has vibrant, engaged educators who create relevant learning experiences that spark learners’ curiosity and inspire them to follow their passion. Circle Time, Read to Lead Programme, DEED (Debate, Elocution, Extempore and Drama), Open Door Assessments, Olympiads encourage excellence.


Salwanians are nurtured to value and accept differences, respect nature  and uphold the rights of all. Our  Community Outreach Programmes and Awareness Campaigns for Environmental Protection sensitise the students to be compassionate and responsible towards their community. Equitable opportunities provided to the Visually Impaired and Children With Special Needs motivate students  to embrace diversity.

Courage & Valour

Students are motivated to develop courage across multiple aspects of their academic and social lives. Sports Tournaments, Adventure Camps, Trekking Expeditions, Visits  to Kargil on Vijay Diwas and Naval Camps bolster students’ engagement. Interactions with the Jawans and the Veer Naaris during our annual event ‘Samman Diwas’ encourage them to do their bit for the nation.

School at a Glance

Quality Education is the way of life at Salwan Junior School. The school provides a conducive learning environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure and superlative facilities for the all-round development of learners.