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The integrated academic curriculum focuses on an innovative learner-centered approach and experiential learning strategies to develop divergent thinking skills. Exciting activities and enriching experiences such as role-play, field-trips, project-work, group activities etc. are entwined throughout the curriculum to make the concepts interesting, intriguing and invigorating so that these remain etched in the minds of the learners forever.

The school focuses on basic skill development through hands-on interdisciplinary activities and real life experiences. The teachers work towards strengthening communication skills and igniting students’ curiosity to learn. The curriculum is designed as per the guidelines provided by the National Curriculum Framework. The academic disciplines taught in Classes I – V are English, Hindi, Mathematics and Environmental Science. The co-scholastic domain includes Computer Science, General Knowledge, Value Education, Physical Education, Music and Dance, Art/Craft.

Instilling life skills and well-being skills in school support mental well-being in children now and in the future. We instill life skills such as happiness skills, strength skills, resolution skills, emotional skills, skills for being present, interaction skills, relationship skills, self-management skills as well as empathy skills at school. This way children grow into, mentally strong and resilient young adults.

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Salwan Junior School is a co –educational primary school located in Naraina Vihar, New Delhi.