We take great pride in being one of the few institutions which have many publications created by our experienced faculty. A lot of research has gone into the designing of child friendly books which keep the learners excited.


Art adds life to the core subjects and helps children understand their environment. Art Book has been created by in house to integrate E.V.S. curriculum with art. The skills developed during the process of colouring enables children to develop not only their fine motor skills but also eye-hand coordination along with strength and flexibility of the hands as a whole.

Children learn, discuss and understand concepts better as they happily colour the big bold pictures related to the theme of the month.


Using songs rhymes and picture books are a great way to help children develop their language and communication skills. Rhymes are always exciting, children love them, and they provide a warm, nurturing experience between parent, teacher and the child. Songs and rhymes for young children have been passed down for generations as they are a great way to learn early phonic skills expand child’s imagination and language. This rhyme book is a compilation of interesting poems which is put together theme wise for their extended learning. The book comes with a QR Code to help children and parents sing the rhymes in rhythm happily and joyfully.


The reading book is a compilation of reading material and developmentally appropriate illustrations that are perfect for helping young learners to recall letters and learn separate sounds in spoken words along with the associate sounds of the letters. As children begin to read, the book strengthens skills and strategies that develop fluency in the language and independence in them. The book comes with a QR code to help children to continue with the learning at home as well.


NAVTIKA is a journal that serves as a practical guide for teachers, parents and other caregivers who manage children between 0-6 years. It seeks to inform, deepen knowledge and address parental concerns, empowering them to deliver better care. The journal publishes original work based on standards of excellence and experts’ views. We are proud to be the only school in India to publish a Journal of Early Childhood Care and Education.