School Philosophy

Carrying the Rich Legacy Forward...

The logo of the school depicting ‘ The Rising Sun’ is a manifestation of the school’s cherished philosophy of ‘Service Before Self’ and reflects a commitment to serve others willingly, graciously and selflessly.

The motto ‘Tamso ma Jyotirgamaya’ which is inscribed on the crest of the Salwan Education Trust is the very essence of the Trust’s ethos – to spread the light of knowledge and understanding; to dispel the darkness of ignorance and to forge ahead with courage. Driven by the ideology of providing “Education for All”, the Trust is committed to developing the right attitudes and progressive mind-set in young minds. All the schools run by the Trust are aesthetically designed, encouraging each child to achieve his / her full potential while being rooted in the rich Indian culture and values.

Core Values

Salwan Junior School has in place a set of core values that underpin the vision of the school and aims at building the overall personality of a child.



Compassion & Care






To enable all of our children to consider the core values students are directed to ask these questions:

  • Are my actions respectful?
  • Am I doing the ‘right thing’ even when nobody is watching me?
  • Am I thinking carefully about other people’s feelings?
  • Am I working well with others?
  • Am I doing my work sincerely?
  • Am I looking after myself?
  • Am I able to contribute to group activities?