“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”


Salwan Education Trust believes in upscaling the performance of the faculty and regularly working on improving the skills and competencies of the teachers to work better with the children in the classrooms. As the adage goes, “If knowledge is power, the learning is super power” and the management of the school believes in it thoroughly. Hence, Continuous Professional Development programmes are conducted every year to provide maximum opportunities to the teachers to learn, innovate and curate the best classroom experiences for the learners.


Right from the start of the session in April 2022, till date, the teachers have attended many programmes and have implemented their learning with the students to have the best possible results in teaching- learning scenarios, such as:

·       Experiencing the best programmes from the trained resource people.

·       Participating in learning experiencing and applying in their present classroom teaching.

·       Sharing of best practices and implementing the refined and new versions of the training module.

·       Bringing innovation and creativity with enhanced learning techniques.


The CPD programmes attended so far by SJS faculty are as follows:


The topics undertaken for the CPD sessions were as under:-



19-21 May 2022

(3 days)

from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm


Self-Assessment and ReflectionMontessori and Primary faculty (all staff)

Janana Kosh team represented by:

-Ms. Alka Rao

-Ms. Kalpana


-Ms. Chandeep



23 May 2022

(1 day)

from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm


Self-Assessment and ReflectionCo-scholastic faculty (all staff)

-Ms. Kalpana Kapoor,

-Ms. Alka Rao.



16 Sep 2022

(1 pm to 4 pm) on zoom

Reflection and Implementation

Montessori faculty

-Ms. Reena Shilpi

-Ms. Shilpi Sethi

-Ms. Sanjana Raj

-Ms. Aru Chadha

-Ms. Kalpana Kapoor,

-Ms. Alka Rao.



17 Sep 2022

(1 pm to 4 pm) on zoom

Reflection and Implementation

Primary faculty

-Ms. Harveen Kaur

-Ms. Gunjan Bhatia

-Ms. Sakshi Choudhary

-Ms. Surmeet Kaur

-Ms. Kalpana Kapoor,

-Ms. Alka Rao.



21 Sep 2022

(1 pm to 4pm) on zoom

Mentoring and Monitoring

-Ms. Anuradha Mathur

-Ms. Sonia Wadhwa

-Ms. Sabinder Kaur

-Ms. Sarita Dahiya

-Ms. Gunjan Bhatia

-Ms. Kalpana Kapoor,

-Ms. Alka Rao.



24 Sep 2022

9 am to 11:00 am

Reflective Session on the three days of Sept. CPDs with SJS staffTeachers of SJS

-Ms. Reena,

-Ms. Aru,

-Ms. Gunjan,

-Ms. Surmeet,

-Ms. Harveen,

-Ms. Sabinder,

-Ms. Sarita

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