Each teacher participates in CPD opportunities every year for their own professional development, driven by their own needs and choices. – NEP 2020
The Salwan Education Trust has been involved in organizing Training Programmes since 1997 for its stakeholders. Teachers are provided with professional  support for updating their pedagogical skills to render optimum benefit to the students. These programmes help in imparting core values to meet the following objectives:-

  • Appreciation for Diversity
  • Social Responsibility and Commitment
  • Holistic Development
  • Empowerment of Human Resource

Training sessions are held around the year and multiple  opportunities are provided to  the faculty and the students to participate in conferences and exchange programmes. Experts from various fields are invited and innovative pedagogies are shared to enhance the teaching learning process.

Session 2021-22


Teachers are given continuous opportunities for self-improvement and to learn the latest innovations and advances in their professions. These are offered in multiple modes, including in the form of local, regional, state, national, and international workshops as well as online teacher development modules.

Salwan Education Trust in an endeavour to hone teachers’ professional skills and help them become effective communicators organised varied Online CPD Programmes in the month of June.

The sessions were held daily from 1st to 9th June, 2021. The sessions focused on enhancing pedagogical competence and content knowledge that can be seamlessly blended in the classroom. The faculty got an opportunity to learn from their counterparts from other Salwan Schools. Representatives from each branch shared innovative practices and methodologies they follow to make classes in these unprecedented times more interactive and engaging. Teachers learnt how sites like padlet.com, nearpod.com, mentimetre.com to name a few, can be effectively used to sharpen students’ linguistic and critical thinking skills. Virtual trips to museums, historical places and laboratories can widen students’ understanding and knowledge while sitting in the comfort of home.
Apart from this, the teachers deliberated upon making quality lesson plans and question papers with the sole aim to inculcate high order thinking skills among the students. The sessions were immensely insightful and engaging. Teachers got abreast with the latest developments in the field of technology and education to groom students holistically and equip them with 21st century skills.


The pre-primary sessions were held to highlight the oldest form of teaching i.e. storytelling. It bonded the early human communities, giving children the answers to the biggest questions of creation and life. When a story is being told, it usually has an underlying message or lesson that the speaker is trying to convey to its audience. The topics for the same were as follows:-

Importance of storytelling
Elements of storytelling
Techniques of storytelling
Objectives of storytelling
Impact of props and  
ambience on storytelling
Integrating stories across  all domains


Continuing Professional Development is an important and intrinsic feature of faculty development at Salwan group of schools. It ensures that our staff continues to be competent and relevant throughout their professional career. The ultimate outcome of our well-planned and well-paced Continuing Professional Development program is that it ensures that our professional capabilities keep pace with the current standards and developments in the field of education.

The topics undertaken for the CPD sessions were as under:-

Understanding self and the learner
Blended Learning Cycle- 5E Model
Differentiated instructions using Multiple Intelligence
Bloom’s Taxonomy – lower to higher order thinking – outcomes & questions
Learners’ Agency
Constructivist Approach
Inquiry Based Learning
Enhancement of Unit Plans and Lesson Plans
Creating Lesson Plans in groups – Demo teaching – Peer Feedback
Authentic Assessment

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