Proud to be a Salwanian !

Salwan Junior School is not only an educational institution but it is an institution of trust, competence and professionalism. The school has an excellent reputation built over the years because of commendable efforts put in by the management, the teachers and the support staff.

I, as a proud alumni couldn’t have thought of any other school when it came to my son’s admission. Be it curricular, or extra-curricular activities, Salwan Junior School stands out, and is one of the best among the lot.

Not only with academics but the school focusses on overall development of the children, there are lot of activities which a child can opt for like Skating, Table Tennis, Western dance, Art & Craft, gymnastics, Kudos, aerobics etc.

I appreciate the hard efforts of Mrs. Sonia Wadhwa (Head of the school) who is putting alot into the IT department of the school and encouraging students to learn computer skills like coding, etc. plus she has also done great job in digitisation of the school by using apps like MS TEAMS, TeachMint application etc which helps the parents to be in constant touch and at par with school curriculum. I also like to thank Mrs. Geeta Choudhary the class teacher of my ward studying in Grade 4A, she’s doing a commendable job and giving all childrens of her class an equal opportunity and at same time giving individual attention if needed. Lastly I also like to thank Mrs. Sabinder Kaur the coordinator of the school and also teaches English, her teaching skills are exceptionally well and her honest feedback on the kids is something I like about her which helps the parents to know about the areas where the children need improvement.

My best wishes to all the people associated with the institution, and I pray to the Almighty that the legacy continues.

Rohit Joshi - Alumni (Batch of 2006)

Parent of Lavish Joshi (Class II-A)

I would like to express my gratitude and complements to all the SJS teachers for the hardwork and dedication they’re putting in for the bright future of our children.

I am pleased to provide a positive review for the teachers as well as the school, especially acknowledging its exceptional performance during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. SJS has truly demonstrated resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.

One of the standout aspects has been the school’s embrace of the latest educational methodologies and technology. Throughout the pandemic, our educators seamlessly transitioned to online learning, ensuring that students continued to receive a high-quality education from the safety of their homes. The use of cutting-edge technology, such as interactive virtual classrooms and educational software, enhanced the learning experience and kept students engaged.

Furthermore, the dedication and creativity of our teachers deserve commendation. They not only adapted to the new virtual teaching environment but also found innovative ways to make lessons engaging and interactive, ensuring that no student was left behind.

The school’s commitment to the well-being of students and their families also shone through. Regular communication, support for mental health, and assistance with technology access were just a few of the ways the school went above and beyond during these trying times.

In conclusion, SJS’ exceptional performance during the pandemic, coupled with its use of the latest educational methodologies and technology, has truly been commendable. It reaffirms our school’s commitment to providing a top-notch education while adapting to the ever-changing educational landscape.


Smt. Avneet Kaur

Parent of Anhad Singh

Greetings to Respected Principal and Teachers of Salwan Junior School

I express my heartfelt Gratitude to the hardworking Teachers of the school by appreciate them for their diligent and relentless efforts to help our wards chart their own route by expressing themselves by being vocal and articulate their views. Learning about planets and stars in library period and learning to sing and play instrument .

I would sincerely thank Sabinder Ma’am, Gunjan Ma ‘am , Aru Ma’am, Kirti Ma’am in helping to lay down strong foundation which in will help in their leaned and analytical approach towards new learning.

Once again Thank you and Happy Teachers Day.

Chanakya has rightly said “ Teacher is the maker of Nation “.

Harpreet Kaur Kohli

Mother of Harjinderpal Singh Kohli (II A)

I extend my heartfelt thanks to all the teachers of Salwan Junior school, Naraina, for their effort and selfless sacrifice extending towards the children. They are indeed very talented, co-operative and well organized.

The way of nurturing the children from Nursery through various activities has overwhelmed us.

With Academics, the School is inculcating Moral Values also.

I am also in the same profession and I am totally satisfied that my children are in safe hands.

My kids are truly enjoying and enhancing the skills and not to forget the extracurricular activities offered by the school.

Every teacher is doing a commendable job. Hats off to them.

Wishing you all the very best in the future endeavors.

Ms. Megha Sethi

M/o Vivaan Sethi (IV A) & Advika Sethi (Nursery A)

I am really appreciative of what the teachers have done .

First of all principal maam, Very simple and understanding, Easily approachable, She hears you and do come up with solutions.Thankfull

A school is second home to a child they spend the most constructive times of their life there.

Since I was and am very close to my teachers:I do believe they can turn a stone to a Daimond

They have the ability to bring out the best of you well I am really blessed to have great teachers in making of both my children.

With Tanish I was bit uncomfortable, as my second child with a gap ,getting along with the generation gap. Simran mam was a god send angel She was always there to help me and my child. May it be any issue.

Then i met Sabinder ma’am: A beautiful person with full of life, I call her my life line. May it be any issue, she would try to help me out. She knows my child and nortures him beautifully. I see my child growing up in a good environment.

With Neeru ma’am , Kirti ma’am and Sadhana ma’am my child has been able to express his creativity which was incredible

Yeah meeting Geeta maam , a lovely teacher, a kind person.Always ready to solve any problems

Well all teachers are great, I had a nice experience with everyone.

These were few with more interactions so I mentioned my experience

I am really thankful to the teachers for a wholesome upbringing of my child.

Ms. Nimisha Rathi

Mother of Tanish Rathi Class -4 A

After a child grows out of the arms of his parents to face a new & bigger world, we as parents want them to feel as tenable & be concerned as they were at home. A good formal school in the formative years of a child plays an integral part in his/her overall growth and development. I am happy that we choose ‘Salwan Junior School ‘ for our offspring Yadavi Suri. We have seen her develop into this energetic, friendly, positive & loving child. Every week there was some activity which motivated my daughter to attend her school daily. Right from dance, skating, kid fit, podcast & phonics, everything made her schooling very interesting, full of fun & a great learning experience.

I really admire the endurance of every teacher & their passion to work with little children. Throughout her journey with Salwan Junior School, from Nursey Grade teachers have consistently gone above and beyond to create a nurturing and inspiring learning environment. Be it guidance from Aru Ma’am, Payal Ma’am and Surmeet Ma’am or the fruitful class discussions with Geeta Ma’am, Sarita Ma’am and Deepika Ma’am, and most important I would like to thank Sabinder Ma’am and Japsifat Ma’am for boosting her communication skills and team spirit that imparted knowledge but have also nurtured my child’s intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills, and global perspective. Their passion for teaching and genuine care for their students have made a profound impact on Yadavi results and her attitude towards learning. Their expertise and enthusiasm have been evident in their teaching methods, allowing Yadavi to engage actively in her learning journey. Their ability to challenge and motivate Yadavi Suri to reach her full potential has been truly remarkable. Moreover, during challenging times of COVID and lockdowns, their unwavering support and belief in my child’s abilities have provided a strong foundation of confidence and resilience.

We are incredibly grateful for the mentorship and guidance provided by each one of them. Their tireless efforts in nurturing Yadavi’s growth, fostering a love for learning, and preparing her for future success have not gone unnoticed. The impact they have had on our child’s academic and personal development is immeasurable. It would be incomplete without mentioning and thanking Neeru Ma’am, Sadhana Ma’am, Kriti Ma’am, Anupam Ma’am and Priya Ma’am who were Yadavi’s Co-scholastic teachers throughout her journey who made her academically but also as a well-rounded individual, making her a true ‘Highlander’.

As a parent I want to say a big ‘Thank You’ to the entire school management, as it’s their collective effort to provide the best school for my child.



I am Anjali Vohra Bakshi mother of two lucky kids, Aanya Vohra student of class 6th (now part of SPS) and Aaradhya Vohra student of class 5th. I call my kids lucky because they are a part of such a wonderful campus.Salwan Junior School is really a fantastic school. School is providing quality education through lot of activities. I thank you ma’am for introducing AI to students .They are enjoying as well as learing software like Adobe express a lot. Students are also learning a lot through co curricular activities.Teachers here are very well qualified and intelligent. Teachers like Sabinder ma’am, Geeta ma,am, Payal ma.am , Sadhna ma’am and many others give such a good result.They work so hard with their students to make them understand the concepts.During pandemic the hardwork and dedication of teachers got noticed.Teachers and other staff all are very sincere. Environment of the school is very good. I like the school very much.

Ms. Anjali Vohra Bakshi

Mother of Aanya Vohra Bakshi (V B)

A good Primary School in the formative years of a child plays an integral part in his/her overall growth. Initially, due to the pandemic, we were not sure about online school for such a small child but Salwan Junior School has truly surprised us.

First and foremost, I extend my heartfelt thanks to all the teachers of SJS for their efforts and selfless sacrifice towards the kids.

Secondly, I am happy and content with the management of this school. My 5-year-old is truly enjoying and improving to a great extent and not forgetting the extra-curricular activities. It is a treat to watch kids engage in child-centric and friendly school activities. Really wonder how the teachers manage it so well!

Wishing you all the very best in future endeavours.

Smt. Seema Mehra

Proud parent of Krishiv Mehra (Class KG-A)

Salwan Junior School not only focuses on improving my son’s areas of need but also really puts a huge emphasis on bolstering his individual strengths. My child has grown in a way that he never would have at another school due to this excellent individualized and warm environment. The teachers are highly educated, thoughtful, and nurturing. They provide rigorous academic challenges, as well as the tools and strategies needed to meet those challenges. During the pandemic Covid 19 the school, its management and especially all the teachers have worked commendably well with utmost sincerity and beyond our expectations. I am glad to be associated with Salwan Fraternity.


Proud Parent of Achintya (Class II-A)

I would like to thank the entire school faculty for putting in so much effort for us during these hard times. The school has been off but our learning hasn’t stopped, all thanks to the teachers. I’m extremely grateful and wanted to acknowledge how beautifully the school has managed to help us in this arduous time.

Thanks for arranging online classes, assignments, webinars, and counselling by Teachers for children in these difficult times. 

I would like to appreciate principal mam for her supervision, kudos to class teacher Mrs. Payal and all subject teachers who are spending so much time on making wonderful videos and giving such knowledgeable material for the child’s progress

Once again, I am very proud of my decision for choosing Salwan Junior School Naraina Vihar for my child.


Mother of Guraansh Singh (V-B)

School Admission

Salwan Junior School is a co –educational primary school located in Naraina Vihar, New Delhi.