50th Episode of Podcast

“The Journey Unfolds: A Podcast Tale”

“The Journey Unfolds” is a captivating story podcast that has recently reached a milestone of 50 completed episodes. The podcast was created by teachers that first aired on 8th October 2022. The podcast’s central theme revolves around short stories. Each episode typically ranges for about 5 to 7minutes and is released every Saturday.

Over the course of its journey, “The Journey Unfolds” has evolved significantly. After the stories from the teachers, parents too participated in the same. Now our students are the torch bearers of the same. The students’ record stories each week where class Nursery to II listen to students from Panchtantra and class III to V are told stories from Mahabharata.

The podcast is followed by a flipapp link for the students of Nursery & KG where children share their learning’s through a video and students of class I to V attempt a quiz. This helps to see the understanding of the students. Students who perform well in the quiz and share videos their names are shared with parents and on school’s social media channel as well.

With 50 episodes successfully completed, “The Journey Unfolds” is poised for further growth. The children who were regular have been awarded a badge and a certificate for the same.

“The Journey Unfolds” has achieved a significant milestone with 50 completed episodes, captivating and engaging listeners with its storytelling prowess. As it continues to evolve and expand its reach, the future holds exciting possibilities for this remarkable podcast.

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