AI Unveiled: Class V Insightful Assembly

“In the dance of innovation, understanding AI is our rhythm, with the melody of human values guiding us towards a harmonious future.”

Students of Class V hosted a captivating assembly on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Thursday, 28th December 2023, using a skit and examples to elucidate its integration into daily life. Students delved into AI’s merits and demerits, advocating for responsible usage.

Aptly showcasing AI’s integration into our lives, students highlighted its manifestations in everyday electronic devices, such as Alexa, facial recognition in modern televisions, and the innovative Miko robots. A resounding wrap song composed by the students encapsulated the essence of AI as an innovation igniting sensation, transcending boundaries, and altering conventional paradigms.

Mrs. Sonia Wadhwa (Head of the School) emphasized the need for a mindful AI-human relationship, fostering a thoughtful dialogue on ethical considerations and societal contributions.

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