Baisakhi Extravaganza: Celebrating Culture and Talent

On the 12th of April 2024, the school foyer buzzed with excitement as Class 4 orchestrated a vibrant celebration featuring the Baisakhi Special Assembly and an Inter-Class Punjabi Dance Competition. The event was a delightful fusion of cultural passion and student talent.
The assembly kicked off with a touching rendition of a ‘shabad’ by Mehar Kamra from Class III A, setting a tranquil and spiritual ambiance. Following this, Ajooni Singh of Class IV A and Anshveer Singh of Class IV B eloquently delved into the historical significance of Baisakhi, enlightening the audience about its deep cultural roots.
Adding to the festive atmosphere, the students of Class 4 delivered a melodious rendition of the Baisakhi song “Balle Balle weh Aa gayi hai Baisakhi mitro,” captivating everyone present and infusing the gathering with the spirit of the occasion.
The highlight of the event was the Inter-Class Punjabi Folk Group Dance Competition, where students from Class 4A, 4B, 5A, and 5B showcased their skills in Punjabi folk dance forms. The final round witnessed spirited competitions between the classes, with the judges—parents of Ronit Sharma and Kaira Dhawan—evaluating performances based on rhythm, choreography, coordination, expression, and presentation.
The students’ performances were a testament to their exceptional talent and enthusiasm, as they filled the air with the vibrant colors and rhythms of Baisakhi celebrations.
In the end, the winners were announced, with Class 5A Boys securing the top spot in their category, followed by Class 5B Boys. In the Class 4 category, Class 4B Girls emerged victorious, with Class 4B Boys securing the second position, and Class 4A Girls claiming the third place. Class 4A Boys were also acknowledged with a consolation prize.
Overall, the Baisakhi Special Assembly and Inter-Class Punjabi Dance Competition were more than mere events; they were celebrations of cultural heritage, talent, and unity. The students’ performances reflected their dedication and the essence of Baisakhi, making the event a memorable and enriching experience for all involved.

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