“Exploring Beyond the Stars: A Glimpse into Space Exploration”

“The universe is not only queerer than we imagine, but queerer than we can imagine.”

On Thursday, August 24, 2023, an engaging session on space exploration captivated the engaging attention of the students of classes IV and V. During the week of Chandrayaan-3 landing, students were engrossed in the significance of space exploration through imaginative storytelling, igniting their curiosity about the cosmos. These activities provided impetus into their knowledge and watching the landing live, made the learning process even more stronger in the impressionable minds.


A young, enthusiastic student A. Rehan of class V-B from Salwan Junior School, Naraina showcased his passion for space exploration by creating an informative video on the Chandrayaan mission, inspiring others with their curiosity and knowledge.


Shivansh Gosh, V-A a talented young child’s video on the Chandrayaan mission not only impressed viewers with their knowledge but also gained recognition when the organisation: Adobe India shared the same on their Twitter platform, highlighting the power of igniting curiosity and scientific temperament in the youth of today.

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