Graduation Day Ceremony Class V

Salwan Junior School in Naraina bid farewell to its Class V students on March 23, 2024, marking the end of their primary school journey and the beginning of a new chapter as they transitioned to middle school.

During the ceremony, attended by parents, outgoing students, Principal Ms. Sonia Wadhwa, Chairman Mr. Michael Dias, members of the Managing Committee, and the school’s teaching staff, the achievements and resilience of the departing students were celebrated.

The event featured musical performances by the talented Class IV choir and heartfelt words from Ms. Sonia Wadhwa. Graduating students were honored with mementos and folders recognizing their dedication throughout the year.

A touching moment occurred when younger students paid tribute to their departing classmates through a dance performance, carrying on a cherished tradition.

The Chief Guest offered words of wisdom, highlighting the importance of embracing challenges and striving for excellence in the future.

Both parents and students expressed gratitude, acknowledging the school’s significant role in their academic and personal development.

As the ceremony came to an end, the Class V students departed with fond memories and the skills necessary for their journey into middle school. Salwan Junior School reaffirmed its dedication to nurturing young minds and ensuring their success beyond the school environment.

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