Investiture Ceremony: Making Responsible Leaders

“Students of today are the torch bearers of tomorrow”

The Investiture Ceremony, a momentous occasion at our school, was celebrated on May 12, 2023, with great enthusiasm. The ceremony began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by our Principal, Ma’am Sonia Wadhwa, accompanied by parents. The event showcased the mesmerizing dance performance of the young Salwanians.

Leadership and responsibility were instilled by appointing Class Representatives for Nursery to Grade V, who were also presented with badges. The School Head Boy, Head Girl, Vice Head Boy and Vice Head Girl, along with other council members, received badges, sashes, and flags representing the four houses.

The oath-taking ceremony was led by the School Head Boy, A. Rehan, as all council members pledged to uphold the school’s motto and fulfill their duties diligently. Their dedication and confidence were evident, and the ceremony concluded with the school song, “Hum Hain Salwanian.”

Mrs. Sonia Wadhwa, the School Head, emphasized the importance of impartiality, honesty, unity, discipline, and morality in leadership. She commended the students’ hard work and dedication and reminded the council members of their role as torchbearers of the school’s values.

Mrs. Wadhwa urged the council members to be role models by exhibiting exemplary behavior and thanked the parents for their support. The event ended with expressions of gratitude from the students, parents, and teachers, capturing the joyous moments in photographs.

Overall, the Investiture Ceremony was a celebration of leadership, responsibility, and commitment, leaving a positive and memorable impact on the entire school community.

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