Project-Based Approach of Learning

“It’s not about what teachers’ cover, it’s about what students’ discover.”

“Project-based learning ignites the spark of curiosity, fuels creativity, and empowers students to construct their own paths of knowledge.”

Salwan Junior School prioritizes holistic education and amalgamating project-based approach of learning was embedded in the holidays homework as well. Students explored the requisite skill set of learning in subjects, honed competencies, and discovered ‘Adobe Express’, a powerful digital editing tool. With right guidance and hands-on training, students showcased creativity and research with knowledge in academia. Creating videos and designing book covers or posters with Adobe Express added a digital edge to their projects. This approach nurtured a love for learning, fostered creativity, and equipped students with vital skills for the modern world. Salwan Junior School continues to empower students as lifelong learners, emphasizing on critical thinking and encouraging experiential learning prowess of the young learners.



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