Resounding Unity: Independence Day Extravaganza

“Celebrate the spirit of patriotism on Independence Day…. Remember, honor and salute all those who have laid their lives for the country.”

On Friday, August 11, 2023, the school grounds brimmed with fervor as the school celebrated the 77th Independence Day. The assembly unveiled a tapestry of talents, with the orchestra, choir, and cultural dance performances evoking patriotic zeal. The Chief Guest for the day, Shri Satish Kumar, a dedicated Police Officer, graced the occasion, while a poignant skit and soulful speeches paid homage to our heroes. From the sacrifices of the soldiers to the well coordinated gymnastic feats, the event embodied unity and reverence for the Nation. As the echoes of the anthem lingered, the spirit of JAI HIND resonated strongly.

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