Young Hearts, Big Devotion: Class III Celebrates Ram Navami

Ram Navami, the birthday of Lord Rama, holds immense significance in Hindu culture, symbolizing righteousness, virtue, and the victory of good over evil. Through this assembly, students delved into the timeless teachings of Lord Rama and reflected on the values he epitomized. The assembly commenced with soul-stirring devotional songs “Ram – Ram Jai Raja Ram, Ram – Ram Jai Sita Ram” and chants dedicated to Lord Rama. Students offered their reverence through melodious hymns, setting a serene and pious ambiance. Embracing the theatrical arts, Class III students presented captivating moral values, teachings preached from the life of Lord Rama. Shivansh Kawatra presented a Chand from Ramayana written by Tulsida ji as “भये प्रगट कृपाला दीनदयाला कौसल्या हितकारी।“

Creativity flourished as Brihaan Khurana, showcased his artistic talents through his melodious Bhajan as “राम जी की निकली सवारी, राम जी की लीला है न्यारी……” The assembly witnessed a spiritual Dance performance by Pavika on the bhajan “Meri Chaukta Par chal Key aaj charo Dhaam aaye Hei, Merey Ghar Ram Aaye hei“ Through collaborative efforts, the assembly was concluded by Jaigosh of “JAI SHREE RAM”, reinforcing the spirit of unity and harmony..

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