AI Sub Junior Fest

“Nurturing Tomorrow’s Innovators: Cultivating Creativity and Cooperation”

The AI Fest, hosted on February 3rd, 2024, at Salwan Public School in Gurugram, brought together schools from the region to celebrate innovation and teamwork in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). Each school formed a team, with our school represented by Team Boomer. The event aimed to involve students in hands-on activities and ignite their interest in AI technologies.

Upon arrival, students were greeted with a variety of engaging activities. One highlight was the puzzle assembly challenge, where teams had to piece together scattered puzzle parts and clay to form a coherent picture, showcasing their problem-solving abilities and attention to detail. This not only tested teamwork but also encouraged creativity and spatial reasoning.

Another exciting activity was the thermo col robot, which served as a photo booth allowing students to capture memorable moments with their peers.

In our effort to equip students for the challenges ahead, they were guided through integrating AI tools into various educational activities. Students actively participated in activities utilizing different AI tools, each aimed at fostering logical thinking and creativity. These activities included:

  • Robotics Station: Students interacted with programmable robots, giving them tasks via remote control.
  • Step and Learn Centre: Students explored AI-driven learning platforms tailored to their individual needs and learning styles, offering personalized feedback and recommendations.
  • Interactive Tablet Games: Students engaged in AI-driven interactive games on tablets, fostering learning and creativity.
  • 3D Pen Drawing and Cuboidal Cube: Students utilized 3D pens and cubes to create various images and designs.
  • Interactive Whiteboard Drawing: Students drew on interactive whiteboards to enhance creativity.

As a culmination of their AI experience, students participated in a robot dance performance.

During the principal’s address, the importance of logical thinking and creativity in the digital age was emphasized. Tips were shared on utilizing tools like ChatGPT effectively in daily routines and consolidating student performance data over the years to track improvement.

The integration of AI tools in education has not only enhanced our students’ learning experiences but also equipped them with crucial skills for the future. By nurturing logical thinking and creativity, we are empowering the next generation of innovators to excel in an ever-changing world.

By embracing AI in education, we are not only preparing students for the future but also shaping it, one innovative mind at a time. Throughout the event, students had the chance to collaborate with peers from other schools, exchanging ideas and learning from each other. The AI Fest emphasized technical skills, teamwork, and communication, proving to be a resounding success and providing students with valuable insights into AI technologies and essential skills for the future. As Team Boomer, we take pride in our participation in this enriching event and eagerly anticipate future opportunities to engage with AI innovation.

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