Basant Panchami: Embracing the Colors of Spring and Wisdom

“As the fields are adorned with golden hues and flowers awaken from their slumber, let us wholeheartedly embrace the enchanting beauty of nature on the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami.”

To commemorate the festival, a special assembly was convened on Wednesday, the 14th of February, 2024, where reverence was paid to Goddess Saraswati, the embodiment of knowledge, wisdom, music, and arts in Hindu mythology. The proceedings commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the esteemed Principal, Ms. Sonia Wadhwa. She graced the Saraswati idol with fragrant flowers and offered heartfelt prayers, seeking blessings for the students’ intellect and creativity in their future endeavors.

The festivities resonated with joyous processions and melodious performances by the talented students of Class IV & V, who came together in a choir to honor Goddess Saraswati. Kartik Gurnani and Jagbir Singh Gulati, students of Class V A, delivered an eloquent speech, elucidating the significance of Basant Panchami and the essence of the celebrations.

Yellow, symbolizing the vibrant mustard flowers of spring, held profound significance throughout the event. The students, adorned in traditional yellow attire, enthralled the audience with their energetic performance on the track “Maa Saraswati Shardey.”

The celebrations also intertwined with the timeless love story of Radha and Krishna, as students Ayansh Jain & Divyam from Class V A enchanted the gathering with a soulful bhajan on the keyboard.

The assembly reached its crescendo with a heartfelt rendition of Saraswati Vandana on Karaoke, echoing the collective reverence for this auspicious day and the onset of the spring season.

In her closing remarks, the esteemed Principal extended her heartfelt wishes to the gathering, expressing hope that the young minds may bloom with happiness, knowledge, wisdom, and success on this joyous occasion of Basant Panchami.

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