Christmas Day Celebration

Christmas is the time to give and forgive. It is the festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. The jingling of bells and the impeccably adorable decorations at every corner indicates the onset of Christmas Eve.

Christmas brings with itself the special message of hope, happiness, joy and merriment! Santa Claus tells us to never let go the magical element of innocence from your life. Keep the child within you always alive and make sure that you add a little of that element in everything you are doing.

On 23rd December 2022 the students of Class IV began the Christmas assembly with the significant message on Christmas- it’s all about giving and being generous. The students presented an array of interesting programmes. The nativity scene which is synonymous to Christmas, was well narrated by Elina using power point presentation.

The vibrant choir group brilliantly presented a variety of melodious Christmas carols like ‘joy to the world’ and ‘Jingle bells’. The sound of carols, the joy in the atmosphere filled up the surroundings and made the Christmas assembly more effervescent.

Christmas is the celebration of that moment in time when God became one of us, the intersection of divinity and humanity. But Christmas reminds us of various other things and characters associated with it. Fashion show was presented by the children wherein they were dressed up as Christmas characters (Father Joseph, Mother Marry, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Gift, Angels etc.) Each one of them presented their part with enigmatic charm and enthralled the spectators.

Santa Claus mingled with the audience and amused everyone with his charm. The children were filled with joy and exhilaration as Santa Claus came dancing to the tune of Jingle bells. It really made the ambience pleasant and exuberant.

The jubilant dancers added to the merry making by dancing on their favorite Christmas songs and entertaining the audience with their foot tapping skills.

The assembly ended with the positive note by Principal ma’am conveying the message of being grateful to God and experience the joy of giving.

This was the best way to end the year and welcome another year with outstretched arms. The children carried home the message of sharing and caring as well as the pleasure and pride of spreading peace, true to the spirit of the celebration.

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