“Unleashing Virtual Horizons: The Journey of Online Learning.”

“In every child, there lies a world of potential, waiting to be unlocked.”

In the world of virtual learning, online classes have become a symphony of personalized education, nurturing young minds with tailored curriculum, aligning with the needs, interests, and skills of digital learners. SJS has been keeping up with the latest trends of ‘digi- education’ and embracing the influence of dynamic tools like Quizziz and Flip app in weekly Saturday online classes. Children’s interests and gaining perspective comes alive when mixed with these exciting elements in the suitable measure.

The school has been conducting classes every first and third Saturday of the months through Microsoft Teams which enables easy flow of information on Teams, sharing of modules and materials in every class channel has been a piece of cake ever since. Beyond textbooks, hands on experiential activities like vegetable printing and emoji envelope making painted creativity in the virtual set ups, making digital learning an enchanting journey for young Salwanians.

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