Inter Class Gk Quiz Competition

Knowledge becomes power only when we put it into some use”

To give the students a chance to enhance their knowledge and to develop team spirit, an Inter Class GK Quiz was organized for Class II, comprising of 2 rounds.

Preliminary round was held on 16th Jan’23 where all students participated and attempted questions on pen and paper in MCQ format. Eight students each from II-A and II-B were shortlisted for the final quiz.

Final quiz was conducted on 30th Jan’23 where four teams, two from II-A and two from II-B competed with each other. The final quiz was further divided into 4 rounds i.e. Direct question round, Audio visual round, Take a pic round and Buzzer round. Students participated enthusiastically and left no stone unturned to perform their best.  Class II A was declared the winner of the quiz with gross maximum score and School principal, Mrs. Sonia Wadhwa appreciated all the participants.

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