International Labour Day

“I learned the value of hard work by working hard.”

On May 1st, 2023, our school joyfully celebrated International Labour Day. A special assembly was held, where Class V students were enlightened about the valuable contribution of laborers to our society and their vital role in the growing economy of the country.

Classes III A and B expressed their gratitude towards the sub staff of the school by creating a surprise video for the 16 MTS members. Mr. Surendar Kumar, one of the MTS members, expressed his appreciation and shared his experiences at the school. To show appreciation, Ms. Payal Miglani and Mrs. Sonia Wadhwa (Head of the School) presented a plant as a token of gratitude to the staff. This was followed by a heartfelt song by the teachers and a rhythmic dance performance by the students.

The children expressed their gratitude to their didi’s and bhaiya’s who take up multiple roles and contribute in smooth functioning of the school. The school principal Mrs. Sonia Wadhwa emphasized the importance of respecting and appreciating the hard work and dedication of the working class. She praised the students for their efforts in making the program a success.

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