An empathetic leader showing the way : Principal’s Day Celebration at SJS

“A great Principal builds character, Inspires dreams; encourages creativity. Builds confidence, instills a lot of learning. Touches our hearts, changes our lives forever .”

School Principal’s Day is celebrated on May 1st every year to acknowledge and thank for the hard work of all the educational leaders of the school. On 1st May 2023, Principal’s Day was marked with the presentation of a short gratitude to the principal “Mrs. Sonia Wadhwa” Salwan Junior School, Naraina. Teachers and MTS staff expressed their gratitude to the principal, who has inspired the staff to grow and dream big. Her vision for school and passion have made the school into a progressive school. A short song was sung by Ms. Kriti Sharma along with the presentation of a sapling to the principal ma’am by MTS staff. Everyone appreciated the hard work put in by our principal and for being a true mentor.

It was followed by an expression of thanks and mentoring words from the principal mam to students, staff and teachers present at the occasion.

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