Online Remedial Classes

“When any real progress is made, then we unlearn and learn anew what we thought we knew before.”

Learning is a lifelong cycle which helps us in developing continuously for our own selves. We reinvent ourselves by continuing the learning cycle. With this belief ingrained in the faculty at Salwan Junior School, Naraina, the school continues to provide opportunities to the students to improve and benefit from the remedial classes which are ongoing and help in building a better bedrock of understanding, learning from mistakes, and continues to grow while being on the developmental continuum.

Remedial Classes are a way of providing wider and better horizons of re-learning and re-teaching. It does not only re works on the concepts but also enables differently abled thinking pattern, more time to reflect and learn again. In the month of January, the school provided remedial online classes to primary students.

Students were engrossed in recapitulating the concepts in engaging manner, were given recap worksheets, practice models and quizzes with lots of innovative methods of learning. The enthusiastic staff worked towards structuring the capacity to learn, home the skill to relearn and work towards building passionate and lifelong learners.

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