Project-Based Learning

 ‘You cannot use up creativity the more you use the more you have’.

The creative process is one of the most complex and beautiful parts of being human. It can be intuitive, engaging, enjoyable, and different for everyone.

To hone the creative skills of the students, ‘Project-based Learning’ was included in winter holidays project which helped the children to explore themselves in new ways – to discover the meaning of beauty, playfulness, and imagination in their lives. Myriad of subject based projects, based on skills were shared and students chose to participate as per the choice. It varied from languages to Art, from Science to Mathematics- every mindfully crafted project was based on active learning to allow the learners to be engaged in real life scenarios and learning from the world with proper application of knowledge.

Students were able to create, innovate and build on their learning, by using their knowledge and skills. Some were made to do research based on the projects leading to critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication.

The objective of going with PBL approach was only to facilitate learning, as it’s not about adding something new to one’s plate it’s about rearranging the plate with a focus on student’s voice and choice.

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