Unlocking the mysteries of science : A Visit to Science Fair of MCD School

“Investigating is the process of science and Curiosity fuels science.”

To cater the curiosity of our students a trip as part of an educational exchange programe to the “Science Fair of MCD Schools was organized on Wednesday, April 26, 2023.”

Students had the chance to converse with students from all MCD Schools and view displays of scientific initiatives. The inventive models that the pupils had created captivated them. The school building served as a teaching tool in this display. Learning disabilities, the braille script used by visually challenged pupils, making the best use of garbage, different types of teeth, renewable energy sources, etc. were all the basis for models that were developed.

Students were impressed by the hard work and stupendous efforts made by primary class students. Our students presented them with badges specially designed under the guidance of school Principal Ms. Sonia Wadhwa Ma’am as a token of appreciation. It was a great learning experience for them.

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