World Soil Day


On our school’s Founders’ Day,

We gather together to play,

Planting seeds, oh what a sight,

For a future that’s green and bright!

Little hands, oh so small,

Digging deep, planting them all,

Nature’s gifts, for everyone to share,

Breathing clean air, with love and care.

As we sow these seeds today,

We leave a legacy that will stay,

For the earth and future years,

Let’s celebrate and cheers!

Oh! Let’s plant, and let it grow,

For our world to thrive and glow,

On this special day, we sing and pray,

For a greener, better future, every day!

The World Soil Day was celebrated in the school on 5th December 2023 with ‘Caring for the planet starts from the ground’. While soil plays an essential role in the growth of food and in the survival of humankind, there is a global increase in degradation of soil resources. It is important to celebrate every day of the year, to make sure that future generations understand the gravity of this issue and how they can make a positive impact through their own actions and behaviours.

Students of class IV & V were how the soil a natural resource needs the caring touch of kids the most. Children mixed the soil with manures and made seed balls with it. The World Soil Day also coincides with Founder’s Day of our school so the seed balls were gifted to all the students from class Nursery to V to go home and place it in the pot with love and care

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