Dussehra Celebration 2021

“Do not be overcome by evil, instead overcome evil with good.”

Transferring hope, positivity and goodness in children was the objective of celebrating Dussehra through organization of Special Assembly by the students and teachers of Class III. The children came together and provided their maximum participation by celebrating the victory of good over evil through depiction of importance of Dussehra festival. Co-relating the vices found in Ravana- the demon king whose effigy is burnt after years of doing wrong and fighting the evil inside of us all was the theme of the presentation prepared by the students of both the sections. Children participated by bringing awareness about the festival, narrating the story of ‘goodness prevails’ through the war fought between Lord Rama and Ravana along with Goddess Durga with Buffalo demon Maheshasur. By way of narration, songs, poems, art form and wishing everyone a prosperous year, the students were able to steer the audiences through the affirmation that we must fight our vices be it anger, jealousy, rudeness, lying, etc. and become a bigger and better person by showing kindness, care, love helping attitude and forgiveness towards everyone.

Inspiring the children to learn and understand the fact that victory of good over evil inspire us in the life to march towards our own victories, Dussehra festival was celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigour in online set up of events and shared with all the classes. It’s with the goodness (Rama) in all of us that we can tame our evils (Ravana) and choose to celebrate the true essence of the learnings from our folk tales or tales from the past.

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